Sad Sonata

  • Title: 슬픈연가 / Seul-peun Yeon-ga
  • Also known as: Sad Love Story (KBFD-TV) / Sad Sonata
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jan-05 to 2005-Mar-17

Sad Sonata is a love story about two men and one woman. The young Joon-young (Kwon Sang Woo), who was raised by his mother who sold liquor to American soldiers, met the blind Hae-in (Kim Hee Sun) and they became childhood sweethearts. Then, Hae-in immigrated to the U.S. following her aunt and her uncle[American soldier that married her aunt]. There she met Gun-woo (Yeon Jung Hoon), who was Joon-young's best friend and son of a very rich man. After she received a letter from Hwa-jung saying that Joon-young is dead, she accepted Gun-woo's love. After an operation, Hae-in was able to see again . The story picks up again when composer Joon-young, singer Hae-In, and music producer Gun-woo all meet again.

Ep.01 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.02 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.03 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.04 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.05 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.06 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.07 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.08 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.09 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.10 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.11 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.12 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.13 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.14 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.15 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.16 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.17 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.18 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.19 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
Ep.20 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4

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Storm Riders[1998]

Language: Cantonese

Release Date: 18 July 1998

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy more

Starring: Aoron Kwok
Ekin Cheng
Sony Chiba
Kristy Yung
Shu Qi

The evil Lord Conquer, head of Conqueror's Clan, is given a prophecy from a prophet named Mud Buddha. It is said that if Conquer finds two young children by the name of Wind and Cloud he will have good fortune. Mud Buddha tells Conquer to look for him 10 years later so that he can tell the rest of Conqueror's fortune. Conquer issues an order that every boy with a birth chart matching Wind's or Cloud's must become a disciple of the Conqueror's Clan. Both Wind and Cloud are found, and Lord Conquer's servants murder their respective parents...

Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4 | Part.5 | Part.6 | Part.7 | Part.8

A Chinese Odyssey Part II - Cinderella

Also known as: Sai Yau Gei: Daai Git Guk Ji - Sin Leui Kei Yun

Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)

Release Date: 1994

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

  • Stephen Chow as The Monkey King (Sun Wukong) / Joker
  • Athena Chu as Lin Zixia
  • Ng Man Tat as Pigsy (Zhu Bajie) / Assistant Master
  • Law Kar-Ying as Longevity Monk (Tang Sanzang)
  • Ada Choi as Princess Qishan (Princess Iron Fan)
  • Lam Kit Ying as Spider Woman (Spider Demon)
  • Karen Mok as Pak Gwut-Jing (White Bone Demon)
  • Jeffrey Lau as The Grapes / Grandpa Buddha (Subhuti)
The Joker was determined to save his beloved one, the reformed devil Spider Woman. He therefore opened Pandora's Box, made the wish to go to Memory Lane, and soon found himself in the Middle Ages where he was destined to meet Cinderella.....

Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4 | Part.5 | Part.6 | Part.7 | Part.8

MF Links:
Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4
pass: ChE
Credits To enciklabu
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10 Promise To My Dog

  • Movie: 10 Promises To My Dog
  • Romaji: Inu to watashi no 10 no yakusoku
  • Japanese: 犬と私の10の約束
  • Director: Katsuhide Motoki
  • Producer:
  • Writer:
  • Cinematography:
  • Release Date: March 15, 2008
  • Runtime: 117 Min.
  • Distributor: Shochiku
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan
  • Theme Song: BoA - "Be With You"
One day a puppy comes to the house of Akari, who has just turned twelve, and was trying hard to act strong after her mother suddenly fell ill. She immediately falls in love with the puppy and names it "Socks" after the paws which looked like they had white socks on. Akari was together with Socks day and night. However, as Akari grows up, her feelings and interest moves away from Socks. Year by year, their distance grows, which also leads to her physical distance as she moves to a far off city, and must leave Socks behind to a childhood friend.One day Akari remembers the 10 promises that she had made with Socks and her deceased mother...

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