10 Promise To My Dog

  • Movie: 10 Promises To My Dog
  • Romaji: Inu to watashi no 10 no yakusoku
  • Japanese: 犬と私の10の約束
  • Director: Katsuhide Motoki
  • Producer:
  • Writer:
  • Cinematography:
  • Release Date: March 15, 2008
  • Runtime: 117 Min.
  • Distributor: Shochiku
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan
  • Theme Song: BoA - "Be With You"
One day a puppy comes to the house of Akari, who has just turned twelve, and was trying hard to act strong after her mother suddenly fell ill. She immediately falls in love with the puppy and names it "Socks" after the paws which looked like they had white socks on. Akari was together with Socks day and night. However, as Akari grows up, her feelings and interest moves away from Socks. Year by year, their distance grows, which also leads to her physical distance as she moves to a far off city, and must leave Socks behind to a childhood friend.One day Akari remembers the 10 promises that she had made with Socks and her deceased mother...

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3 Responses
  1. 07raflessia Says:

    best ker cter ni.. hmm x pna layan jepang lg neh..hehe..

  2. bolloqs Says:

    ni la masenye nk layan~ngeeee!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

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