Winter Sonata

Also known as: Winter Ballad / Winter Love Song / Endless Love 2

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English (Hard-subbed)

Episodes: 20

Release Date: 2002

Genre: Drama / Romance

Starring:Bae Yong Jun as Kang Joon-sang/Lee Min-hyung,
Choi Ji Woo as Jung Yu-jin,
Park Yong Ha as Kim Sang-hyuk,
Park Sol Mi as Oh Che-lin.


Winter Sonata begins when Joon-sang (Bae Yong Jun) moves to a new high school in search for his biological father. Yu-jin (Choi Ji Woo) and Sang-hyuk (Park Yong Ha) have been close childhood friends; though Sang-hyuk wants to be more than a friend, Yu-jin sees him merely as a brother.

On a trip together with other high school mates, Oh Chelin (Park Sol Mi), Jin-suk (Lee Hye Eun) and Yong-kuk (Ryu Seung Soo), Yu-jin is saved after an accident by Joon-sang. Afterwards, they become close to each other and she opens up his cold heart. However, circumstances and fate dictate that their love will never be. He abruptly disappears from their lives.

Ten years later the old High School buddies gather together to celebrate Yu-jin and Sang-hyuk's soon-to-be wedding. Yu-jin, who was deeply in love with Joon-sang, still has a fire in her heart for him even though he's been out of her life for a decade. But at the party, Oh Chelin's new boyfriend arrives, who appears the same as Joon-sang. Could it be him or is Yu-jin only dreaming?

Ep.01 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.02 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 Link Fix
Ep.03 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.04 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.05 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.06 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.07 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.08 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.09 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.10 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.11 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.12 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.13 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3
Ep.14 - Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 Ep.09-Ep.14 Update!!

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15 Responses
  1. ~Zaty~ Says:

    wahhhh...mcm tau2 je zaty tgh cari cerita byk2 lagi tauuuu...tgu nieee...thanksssss...:-D

  2. ~Zaty~ Says:

    awak.........cepat lah masuk part 9 n seterusnyaaaa...x sabar nak tau sambungan nya nieeee...hehehehe

  3. Aby Umy Says:

    salam kenal daari

    kalau ada waktu mampir ya?? :)

  4. Mizuki Says:

    I kinda liked this drama.. :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    bro,episod 2 part 1 n part 2 tu same ke?

  6. bolloqs Says:

    sori tersilap~huhu...da fix da link tu=)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    tenkiu bro...jasamu dikenang ekekeke...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    bro,ep 7 saiz kck sgt...xabis citer

  9. Anonymous Says:

    part 1 ep 8 xley donlot bro huhu..

  10. bolloqs Says:

    nnt aku try upload len...da ciap nnt aku bg tau...

  11. bolloqs Says:

    part.1 ep.8 ok jer aku dolod...try blk...

  12. Anonymous Says:

    ok bro..part 1 ep 8 dh bleh down...

  13. bolloqs Says:

    ep.7 aku xleh watpe da mmg da cm2...dr fail asal pn da cm2...

  14. Anonymous Says:

    ok hal la sket jew tu haha

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