Metalocalypse - Season 1 [Complete]

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Dethklok is the biggest, baddest, and most famous heavy metal band in the world. The quintet, consisting of Americans Nathan Explosion (vocals), William Murderface (bass), and Pickles the Drummer, along with Scandinavian guitarists Toki Wartooth and Skwisgaar Skwigelf, have to deal with their fame and other situations in their lives, all the while being monitored by a government organization out to destroy them.
IMDB: MetalocalypseINFO

Ep.01 - The Curse Of Dethklok | Subs
Ep.02 - Dethwater | Subs
Ep.03 - Birthdayface | Subs
Ep.04 - Dethroll | Subs
Ep.05 - Dethkomedy | Subs
Ep.06 - Dethfam | Subs
Ep.07 - Performanceklok | Subs
Ep.08 - Snakes and Barrels | Subs
Ep.09 - Mordland | Subs
Ep.10 - Fat Kid At The Detharmonic | Subs
Ep.11 - Skwisklok | Subs
Ep.12 - Murdering Outside The Box | Subs
Ep.13 - Go Forth And Die | Subs
Ep.14 - Bluesklok | Subs
Ep.15 - Religionklok | Subs
Ep.16 - Dethkids | Subs
Ep.17 - Dethclown | Subs
Ep.18 - Girlfriendklok | Subs
Ep.19 - Dethstars | Subs
Ep.20 - The Metalocalypse Has Begun | Subs 

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