Phobia [2008]

Also known as: Phobia / See Prang

Language: Thai

Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)

Release Date: 2008

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Horror

The movie comprises of four different stories of four different lives, directed by four directors. The first story tells a tale about 'Happiness' where a lonely girl finds companionship with a guy that she knows through phone text.

The second story 'Tit for Tat' depicts the anecdote of a young artiste who is out to make a good-looking portfolio instead of a good movie. 'In The Middle' is more towards a parody of Hollywood movies with bits of humour and lastly, 'Last Fright' is a melodramatic story about a widow and her foe.

Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4 | Part.5 | Part.6 | Part.7 | Part.8 | Part.9 | Part.10 | Part.11 | Part.12 | Part.13 | Subtitle 

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