The Arrivals

This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ. A Work Inspired by Hashemsfilms and of Course the Words of the Noble Qoran, The Holy Bible, and the Torah, The Arrivals is a Joint Production by truthseekers Noreagaaa and Achernahr.
(Complete Pt.1-51)

Pt.1 - Intro
Pt.2 - Bukti-bukti Ketibaan dajjal
Pt.3 - Senibina & Tenaga
Pt.4 - Asas-asas Dajjal Al Masih
Pt.5 - Asas-asas Dajjal Al Masih 2
Pt.6 - Senibina Buat Firaun
Pt.7 - Pharaohs of Today
Pt.8 - Shocking Evidence of the Pharaohs
Pt.9 - Hashemfilms
Pt.10 - Order Dunia baru NWO
Pt.11 - Ilmu Hitam Musik
Pt.12 - Menyuluh Kegelapan
Pt.13 - Lady In Red
Pt.14 - Hollywood
Pt.15 - Hollywood & The Promised Land
Pt.16 - The Media & Islam
Pt.17 - War on Terror
Pt.18 - The Hypocrisy of Democracy
Pt.19 - The UFO Phenomena
Pt.20 - The UFO Phenomena 2
Pt.21 - What Is Yet To Come
Pt.22 - Our Satanic pop Culture
Pt.23 - Materialism & The Battle Within
Pt.24 - Freedom Unplugged
Pt.25 - The Antichrist Dajjal Is Here
Pt.26 - The Antichrist dajjal Is Here 2
Pt.27 - Why Satanism is Practiced by Our leader
Pt.28 - Why Satanism is Practiced by Our leader 2
Pt.29 - The Truth About The Gods
Pt.30 - The Checkered Floor & the "Gods"
Pt.31 - The Great Deception
Pt.32 - The Most Valuable Truth
Pt.33 - The Choice is Yours
Pt.34 - The Infiltration of Religion
Pt.35 - The Temple of Solomon
Pt.36 - The Story of Jesus
Pt.37 - The Sun God
Pt.38 - The Story of Islam
Pt.39 - The Truth About the 12 Imams
Pt.40 - The Common Ground
Pt.41 - The Bloodlines
Pt.42 - The Gatekeepers
Pt.43 - The Symbolism of 9-11
Pt.44 - The Significance of The Kaaba
Pt.45 - The Kaaba & the 9-11 Ritual
Pt.46 - The Complete Human
Pt.47 - The Free Human
Pt.48 - The Arrival of the Mahdi
Pt.49 - The Arrival of the Dajjal
Pt.50 - The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah
Pt.51 - Outro
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