Spy Girl

Also known as: Geu-nyeon-leul Moo-leu-myeon Gan-cheob

Subtitle: English (Hard-subbed)

Release Date: 2004

Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance

Starring: Kim Jeong-hwa as Park Hyo-jin
Gong Yoo as Choi Ko-bong


Hyo-jin (Kim Jeong-hwa), a North Korean spy is sent across the DMZ to find a fellow spy that has run off with the Communist country's operational funds. Things don't quite go as plan, and Hyo-jin finds herself working at a Burger King as cover. Alas, Hyo-jin is too pretty for her own good, which immediately makes her the star "server" at the fast food chain. Soon all the boys, including failed student Ko-bong (Gong Yoo), are lining up to be served. But after Ko-bong posts Hyo-jin's pictures on an Internet bulletin board that touts the "top Angel" working at the Burger King, it threatens to expose Hyo-jin's cover. What's a spy to do?

RS: Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4 | Part.5 | Part.6 | Part.7
MU: Part.1-3 | Part.4-6 | Part.7

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2 Responses
  1. iShLiBeTiSh Says:

    bru pas tgk cte ni...maken suke gong yoo~! (^^,)~<3
    (nape org korea je yg byk cte2 romantik gini tp meleysia xbyk..? haih~~)

  2. bolloqs Says:

    org mesia tau bwt citer nangis2 ngn mnum tea kt ruang tamu je~ngeee

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