Also known as: Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English (Hard-subbed)

Release Date: 2004

Genre: Comedy / Crime / Drama / Romance

- Jeon Ji-hyeon as Yeo Kyung-jin
- Jang Hyeok as Ko Myung-woo

A devil-may-care police woman, Kyung-jin, gets to know a kind-hearted high school teacher Myung-woo when she mistakes him for a thief. After an awkward first encounter and a few more coincidences they start to become fond of each other. Although Kyung-jin is one tough girl, Myung-woo is always worried about her because of her recklessness. One day, when Myung-woo tries to help Kyung-jin during her risky pursuit of a criminal, an accident happens which causes Myung-woo not to be with Kyung-jin anymore. After the accident, Kyung-jin feels empty and lonely so she throws herself into perilous situations. However, whenever she falls in danger she feels that a strange but familiar sense in the wind is helping her out.

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7 Responses
  1. jijie Says:

    cite ni bez! =)

    klik christmas carol..hoho

  2. Izan Says:

    suka sgt citer ni. huhuhuhu sedey

  3. mello Says:

    aku dh tgk cte ni.. best.. tp cte ni sdih..huhu

  4. majin Says:

    jijie| klik lg besh...hehehehe

    Izan| da lme da tgk xgt da cter dye cner(sedey gk ni)huhuhhu.

    mello| mst ko nangis kn??muahahaha

  5. NiNa' Says:

    dah tgk citer niew..~
    love this juga layan~

  6. my movie!!!

    thanks for searching this movie for me.


  7. 07raflessia Says:

    cte ni best ke sbb x pna dgr pon.. plakon pun x pna nmpk pun..heheeeeeeeee

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