Hana Yori Dango

 Also known as: Boys Over Flowers / Boys Before Flowers
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Episodes: 9
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Comedy/ Romance 

 Starring:Inoue Mao as Makino Tsukushi
               Matsumoto Jun as Domyoji Tsukasa
               Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui
               Matsuda Shota as Nishikado Sojiro
               Abe Tsuyoshi as Mimasaka Akira

    Makino Tsukushi is the only poor student at Eitoku Gakuen, the school of the ridiculously rich and privileged that is ruled by Flower 4 or F4, a group of four boys who come from extremely powerful families: Domyoji Tsukasa, the leader and heir of the Domyoji World Finance Group; Hanazawa Rui, the introverted son of a large company; Nishikado Sojiro, a player who is the heir of a tea ceremony school; and Mimasaka Akira, a madam killer with ties to the underground. If a student gets on the F4’s bad side, he/she gets a red notice and is bullied and driven out of school.
    Makino hopes to pass her days quietly-- without drawing any attention to herself-- but one day, she stands up to Domyoji in defense of her friend. The next day, Makino gets the dreaded red notice. Even though she is harassed, Makino decides to keep going to school because she is a “tough weed”. She declares war right back on the F4. Her resolve gets the attention of her crush Hanazawa Rui and oddly enough, rouses romantic feelings in her worst enemy, Domyoji Tsukasa.
    The series is based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Hana Yori Dango" (Boys Before Flowers) by Kamio Yoko.

    Ep.01 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.02 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.03 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.04 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.05 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.06 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.07 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.08 - Part.1 | Part.2
    Ep.09 - Part.1 | Part.2 

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    10 Responses
    1. taqie Says:

      Hona Yori Dango 2 ada tk??
      yg ni dah ada..
      yg siri ke 2 lum tgk smpai habis..
      if ada..
      share la yek :]

    2. cik EPAL Says:

      suka ceritaa niii :)

    3. NiNa' Says:

      suke versi korea lg~

    4. ezany Says:

      i likeeee.. nape tak letak season 2 gak.. hehe.. pastu ngan movie..

    5. taqie:

    6. NiNa':
      versi korea,jepun, taiwan sume aku xsuke~muahahahha

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