Saw VI [2009]-DVDRip-

Directed: Kevin Greutert 

Produced: Mark Burg 
              Oren Koules

Written: Patrick Melton
            Marcus Dunstan

Starring: Tobin Bell , Costas Mandylor ,
             Shawnee Smith ,
             Tanedra Howard , Betsty Russell ,
             Peter Outerbridge 

Genre: Horror

Simone and Eddie (Tanedra Howard and Marty Moreau), two predatory lenders, awaken in a room with a caged-in scale in the center, wearing head harnesses. Screws are poised to drill into their skulls; the person who cuts off more flesh weight in sixty seconds will live, while the other will be killed by the screws. The overweight Eddie cuts fat from his body, but Simone chops her left arm off and tips the scale in her favor, saving herself. Lieutenant Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) is called to the scene by Dan Erickson (Mark Rolston), who found Peter Strahm's fingerprints around the room. Erickson also reveals that Lindsey Perez (Athena Karkanis) is alive; he explains that he protected Perez after her incident in Saw IV due to her being a target of an unknown accomplice, now believed to be Strahm. Hoffman is called to the hospital to question Simone. 
(panjang gile sinopsis~muahahahaha)

Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3

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8 Responses
  1. coffee Says:

    wah...yg 6 punye...best2..ak nak2...

  2. bolloqs Says:

    klu nk amek jela~ngeeee

  3. miSs s!v Says:

    baru tgk tak sampai 10 menet, da stop kan.
    tak tahan tgk die potong perut sendirik.

  4. bolloqs Says:

    miSs s!v:
    hahaha...klu tgk yg sblm2 ni siat kulit kepala~muahahahahaaha!!

    klu yg no.1 potong kaki sndiri pkai gergaji besi buruk...cuba la kamoO bayangkan~muahahahahahahahaha!!

  5. dah download dah!

    cite yg awez menggerunkan.

    jom teman i tengok. =p

  6. Anonymous Says:

    bolloqs...i bleh dia xle bace la file tu..u gne application pe bukak file ni?

  7. bolloqs Says:

    kamoO da join lom ke3-3 part??klu lom kne join lu gne hj-split kt bwh tu..pah2 play la pakai media player classic ker, gom player ker...

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