Papadom [2009]-DVDRip~MKV-

Could a loving husband fulfill his late wife's wishes? This movie tells a tale of Saadom who is a successful Nasi Kandar businessman in Pulau Pinang. His wife's last wishes before she passed away to take good care of their daughter Mia, changed Saadom's life forever. From a very buzy businessman who is so infatuated with his Nasi Kandar business, Saadom changed into becoming a very dependable father who is very much focused on her daughter's life. As Mia, grows up she gets a bit annoyed with her father's endless care and devotion towards her which at times seem to much to handle. Her friends are also annoyed with Uncle Saadom who tends to follow Mia wherever she goes. Saadom hugs and kisses his daughter in front of her friends, during lunch break Saadom would come to the school to send some lunch meals for her and her friends but this is not well appreciated by her friends because the Nasi Kandar would ruin their diet. He would also be often seen in the school premises in order to make sure of Mia's safety and sometimes he is being forced out of the school by the Principle.

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20 Responses
  1. miSs s!v Says:

    tenkiu bro!
    syg lebey ah.

  2. bolloqs Says:

    miSs s!v:

    syg lebey??blh saje~muahahahaha!!

  3. NiNa' Says:

    love papadom.. 2 kali tgk citer ni pon masih lagi boleh gelak macam 1st time tgk~ aha

  4. NiNa' Says:

    love papadom.. 2 kali tgk citer ni pon masih lagi boleh gelak macam 1st time tgk~ aha

  5. bolloqs Says:

    besh sgt ker??haku plg benci "papa"dom~muahahahahaha!!

  6. chokio_nia Says:

    aku da tgk kat u tube..hehe..tapi cte mang bes lah..siyes..

  7. bolloqs Says:

    u-tube gmbo xlawo xbesh tgk..da la file smbung2~ngeeeee.
    xkire la siyes duayes tigayes pn ak xmo tgk gk~ngeeeee

  8. NiNa' Says:

    bolloqs~.. besh wehhh.. rugi r x tgk...~ cube tgk... mesti beshh.. gile...

  9. bolloqs Says:

    rugi ker??err...xpela xsuke tgk cter melayu~ngeeee.
    lg2 xsuke ble tgk pelakon utma dye2~ahaks!!

    p/s:kamoO xbjaya memujuk haku~ngeee

  10. miSs s!v Says:

    pelakon utama.
    bro tak suke afdhlin ke?

  11. bolloqs Says:

    miSs s!v:
    pelakon paling xsuke kt mesia~muahahahahaha!!
    kamoO suke dye ker??jgn mareeee~ngeeee

  12. Mario Says:

    ak pun tk suka citer malayu tp donlod jgkla utk support filem tempatam...muahahaha

  13. bolloqs Says:

    bgus ko rio...ak pn kire support gk la bg korunk dolod ni kn?~muahahahahahahaha!!

  14. cite yang sangat best!

    papadom nampak sedap. hehe..

    comel la afdlin dalam ni.

  15. alang Says:

    Antara citer Melayu yg aku rasa best. Even simple, tapi dianya jalan citer memang layan. hehe.

  16. miSs s!v Says:

    tak suke dia.
    tapi dia suka sy.
    perasan sajok!

  17. Mario Says:

    pink...ko tgk loqs lg comel dr aflin tu weh...hahahaha
    kan loqs kan...chsea kalah kan...muahahaha

  18. Am Sya Says:

    HJ split tu aper??

    smlm donlod yg part 2 xleh bukak pon??

    part 1 bleh plak men kt Media player classic..

    tp part 2 xleh lak..nape??

  19. ala...dh donlod tp x bley main plak movienye. kene ade specific plater ke utk mainkan citer papadom nih. dh xcited sgt nih nk tgk.

  20. bolloqs Says:

    KamoO da join lom file2??
    klu xjoin lg just ley play pt.1 jer..kamoO kne dolod hj-split kt bwh2 utk join sume file.

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